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Nominate an Admin for “Handling Crisis Brilliantly” Award

Do you know an administrative assistant that is handling the chaos of COVID-19 brilliantly? 

The way we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day will be different this year.  How can we celebrate in light of social distancing and stay at home orders?  I’ve got an idea that has the power to create community, spread positivity, and provide mentoring moments:  The “Handling Chaos Brilliantly Award!”

Want to get in on the celebration?  Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Email your nomination to Peggy@PeggyVasquez.Net.  You can nominate your coworker, colleague, anyone you know (including yourself), that has shown brilliance during the COVID-19
    Nominate your fellow admin for the "Handling Chaos Brilliantly" Award
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  2. Include a short story to highlight what the assistant has done.  Did they create a new process, provide an innovative idea, develop a methodology to keep their offices, projects and people they support functioning optimally?
  3. Nominations are open until April 18, so get your nominations in today.  Want to make sure your nomination stands out?  Write a short, simple and impactful story.

Here’s what I’ll do:

  1. Read each story and share stories via social media during Administrative Professionals Week.  If I’m flooded with stories, which I hope is the case, I’ll continue sharing the stories through May!
  2. The winner will be announced on Administrative Professionals Day and will be selected randomly.
  3. The winner will receive the “NOT, Just An Admin Premium Bundle”, which includes an autographed book, t-shirt, and bracelet! Click here to see the bundle.

We’re all facing this unprecedented time.  It’s difficult to know what to do and where to turn, and yet brilliant assistants everywhere are figuring it out.  Let’s come together in the spirit of mentoring, community and celebration and navigate this unchartered territory successfully.

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