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Develop a Powerful Partnership with your Manager

You recognize powerful partnerships when you encounter them. You may wonder what steps were taken to create the trust and respect that is displayed in their behavior. How did they become confident in one another’s abilities? Powerful partners depend on each other to achieve a common purpose. When in synch, each partner contributes to the other’s accomplishments creating a win-win partnership.

Peggy has had many successful partnerships in her career and she’ll provide you with real life examples of what works and doesn’t work so that you can create a powerful partnership.

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • How to build an effective partnership with your manager
  • The importance of building relationship capital
  • How use strategic questioning to influence your manager
  • A partnership assessment tool
  • Understanding your manager’s communication and management style
  • If you are about ready to throw in the towel, Peggy will also cover a model for ailing partnerships

And you’ll receive a tool you can use to create your own win-win partnerships!

Create Your Own Opportunities!
Are you waiting for someone to notice you, promote you or invite you into an opportunity? Are you experiencing all the opportunity you desire?  Do you wish you were being asked to engage at a higher level or contribute differently?

All too often people miss out on the opportunities. Most opportunities don’t knock at your door, instead you have to go boldly toward the opportunities that exist.

Peggy will teach you how she has created her own opportunities to have the career she desired.

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Strength assessment and utilization
  • How to strategically and positively speak to your strengths
  • Take charge of your own career
  • Overcome your fears and increasing your confidence
  • Taking initiative vs waiting for an invitation
  • Raise your level of respect and awareness
  • How to discover and attract meaningful opportunities
  • Attitude of gratitude
  • Understand that relationships matter
  • Simple steps and strategies for creating your own board of directors and attracting meaningful connections with the right people.


Developing Your Inner Circle

I will teach you how to develop your own powerful inner circle.

Who’s in your inner circle? Are your closest relationships healthy ones? Are they a diverse group or people just like you? Are you modeling behaviors that attract meaningful connection? Would you want to connect with you?

Whether you realize it or not, you are part of an inner circle and are likely helping someone else move closer to their goals, dreams and desires. Why not use this successful technique in your own life and develop a powerful inner circle of your own? With the help of your inner circle, you can gain greater momentum to carry you closer to your goals, dreams, and desires.

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Increase your success and happiness
  • Raise your level of respect
  • How to attract meaningful connections
  • Why developing your inner circle is a crucial part of success in ALL areas of your life, not just your career
  • What your inner circle really brings to the table.
  • How the idea of the inner circle is revolutionary and why it has the power to raise the level of respect for you and your colleagues
  • Simple steps and strategies for creating your own inner circle and attracting meaningful connections with the right people
  • Understand how the act of discovery is what leads to connections
Embracing Change
Change is happening at a faster rate than ever before.  Competition is fierce!  Reorgs are the new normal.  You are expected to accept, support and adapt to changes in leadership, technology, philosophy and policies.  But change can only be effective if the employees impacting your bottom line embrace it. Change is a big part of being successful.  Change is difficult for people.  Most of us naturally repel it and retreat back into our comfort zone.  We don’t like the lack of control or the uncertainty or even worse outcomes such as failing.

Here’s the reality, if you don’t learn to embrace change and move forward, you will be left behind.

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Set yourself up for success through this daily routine
  • Harness the power of change and adopt a positive attitude
  • Communication in the midst of change
  • How flexibility makes a difference
  • Being committed to the team makes a difference
  • Evaluate your strengths and challenges
  • Staying aligned in the midst of change
  • Address your fears of uncertainty
  • Staying productive during times of change
  • Move from resistance to change agent
  • Creating your master plan for change
Not JUST an Admin Bootcamp

“NOT, Just an Admin!” is a 4-part comprehensive training and development program for administrative professionals. Whether your title is Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Business Support Professional, or if you are in the administrative support profession, this training is for you.

This training and development program is highly interactive, engaged, fun, and safe for all attendees. It is divided into 4 levels of learning all designed to help you; the administrative assistant be successful. This program goes beyond the basic technical skills and focuses on you as an individual and professional. Each level builds on the next with accountability designed into the program.

Download Program Details

How to set meaningful goal and achieve positive results

Has goal setting become mundane? Do you find yourself using the same goals you did last year or copying what another assistant has created? Or have you set goals but never quite hit the achievement desired? Do you feel that you don’t get time to work on your goals? Are you overwhelmed just thinking about goals?

Peggy has designed a program to address all these concerns. She’ll share her specific techniques and strategies that incorporate the six primary components of your life, reflection exercises, determining your value, and more. First, it’s time to discover what you want and then form a plan to get it.

In this session, Peggy will provide you with a step-by-step practical guide and process for creating goals and a methodology to achieve your goals.

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Start, Stop and Continue exercise to reflect what has worked and what hasn’t
  • How to take SMART goals to a higher level
  • Getting clear direction on what you want out of life
  • Aligning what you want with how you want to feel
  • Identifying your champions and support for your goals
  • And wrapping it all up with a daily routine and an action plan to make your goals a reality
Creating Authentic Business Connections

We all know that networking is important and necessary to be successful.  However, most of us aren’t comfortable talking to people we don’t know. 

The purpose of networking is about connecting. Authentic relationships are built on trust and respect, giving and receiving, and mutual added value. Creating a true connection and developing a  lasting connection takes time and skill.

In this course, Peggy will teach you how to overcome your fears of networking and start conversations with ease.  You’ll discover new tools so you can stop dreading networking and become a “Master  Connector.”

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Body Language Do’s and Don’ts
  • Introduction Makeover
  • Conversation Starters
  • What your Handshake Reveals About You
  • How to Have a World Class Handshake
  • How to Enter a Room
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • Gender Specifics in Protocol
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • How to Increase Your Confidence
The Power of Gratitude and Attitude

Have you ever noticed when you complain about something that isn’t going well, there’s always someone who will jump on board with you?  Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you are around someone who is genuinely grateful?  Who would you rather work with, hire or promote?

Peggy will teach you how you can always find something to be grateful for – even in the most difficult moments.  You’ll learn what it means to bloom where you are planted and get a new perspective through a gratitude challenge.

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Positivity attracts positive results
  • Relationship assessment
  • Focus on the future through an exercise that will finally help you let of the past
  • Discover your impact on other people, are you lifting them up or the opposite?
  • Gratitude helps you grow and expand
  • Gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life
  • Increase your respect and compassion towards yourself and others
  • 30 day attitude of gratitude challenge


Mentoring – The Essential Ingredient for Success

Do you have a mentor?  If not, where do you go for counsel and advice? If you are waiting for your manager to create a career for you, you’ll be sorely disappointed.  The key to growing professionally is effective mentoring and it’s up to you to go get it! 

Are you a mentor?  Has someone asked you to be their mentor and you have no idea what to do?  Would you like a framework that you could utilize to create the best mentoring experience possible for your mentee?

Whether you are a mentee, a mentor, or both – this session is designed for you.  Peggy will take attendees through all aspects of mentoring, including the unwritten rules of mentoring.  Attendees will walk away with the Top 10 Mentoring Essentials, including:

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Discover how to identify a mentor and ask someone to be your mentor
  • Gain clarity around the role and responsibilities of the mentor and mentee
  • How to establish an agreed upon structure, milestones and outcomes
  • Learn how to support, challenge and provide effective feedback
  • Understand the difference between coaching and mentoring

No matter where you may be in your career, a mentor can provide teaching, insight and encouragement to lift you up from where you are and help get you to where we want to be.  Never underestimate the power of mentoring – It’s essential for your success! 


Have you ever said or heard an admin or someone say, “I’m just an admin?”  I certainly have!  You are more than “just” anything.  The truth is, as an administrative professional you are part of a powerful force that has tremendous influence and are crucial to the success of your organization. After this powerful keynote, you’ll never ever, ever say, I’m just an admin again!

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Understand your value and what you bring to the table
  • Increase your value and respect
  • How to project confidence
  • Deal with difficult personalities
  • Influence others
  • Celebrate each other
  • Maximize your image through body language
  • The difference a mentor can make
Executive Presence – What it is and how to get it!
What is the one area that holds back Executives and Executive Assistants from moving forward?  The answer is: Executive Presence.  In fact, “executive presence” counts for 26% of what it takes to get promoted.  If you don’t get this on right, it can be detrimental to your career.

Whether you realize it or not, It’s not your position that gives you power, it’s your behavior!   Executive presence communicates power, consistency and influence.  It supports your credibility and inspires others to have confidence in you.

I will teach you what executive presence is and how to demonstrate it so that you can make the impact you desire.

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Understand the three spheres of executive presence
  • How to exude passion, readiness and the ability to think on your feet in the midst of chaos with confidence and composure
  • The art of influencing others
  • Maximize your image through body language
  • How to analyze facial expressions and gestures that speak without words
Harnessing a Positive Mindset

What if you had the tools to harness a positive mindset – even during challenges, even through a pandemic? A positive mindset doesn’t mean a life without challenge and hardship; it’s about keeping one regardless of what’s happening in your life. In this session, Peggy will provide you the tools you need to find positive moments.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn how your default mode impacts your daily choices
  2. Five steps to harness a positive mindset
  3. The daily ritual that makes all the difference
  4. How to shift from perfection focus to progress focused
  5. How to silence the negative voices in your head and the people in your life

The session will end with a 7-day Mindset Challenge to help you kick off your week with a positive mindset.

Getting to the Corner Office: What you always wanted to know and were too afraid to ask!

You’ve been a business support professional for several years and you’re ready to move into the C-Suite.  Peggy will share her story of how she began working part time as an assistant and moved up the ranks to work for several top executives.  She’ll share what you need to do and what you need to know to be successful.  Her background includes financial, agriculture and nuclear industries.  For the past ten years she has been the Chief Executive Assistant at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where 4800 staff advance scientific discovery and deliver solutions to America’s most pressing challenges in energy, the environment and national security.

Join Peggy for an honest discussion, the type you don’t typically hear unless it’s behind closed doors or in a one-on-one coaching environment.  She will share what it takes to make it in the C-Suite, including:

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • What worked and what didn’t work along the journey
  • Why feedback is a gift and how you can use it to propel you forward
  • Why your values need to align with your company and your executive
  • What it means to be a leader
  • Why selecting and being a mentor is important
  • How your style and presence impacts your promotion
  • Why respect is crucial to your successYou’ll leave feeling empowered and knowing what it takes to move forward in your career forward.
The BEST is Yet to Come!

Have you made a New Year’s resolution before?  Did it fade away with the gray days of January?   Are you sitting in the land of good intentions waiting for your life to change by wishing it so?  No matter how you answered those questions, I have good news for you!  You can make this year a year to remember.  It all starts with a vision.  It’s the vision that will make all the difference.

This will be a creative, fun, interactive and thought-provoking session. You’ll identify what you want and how you want to feel, and then create a picture for your life.  Its time to focus on you for a change and to push all those negative limitations and boundaries aside and consider the possibilities for your life.  This is the essence where visions are made and dreams are realized.  Once a vision is cast firmly in your mind, once you can see it, feel it, touch it, and describe it, the possibility of it becoming a reality is only a matter of time. You’ll leave with a vision board and the tools to make this year the best year yet!  Remember, we are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Discover what is most important to you in the core areas of your life by completing the Be True to You Model
  • Values Exercise
  • Removing negativity, boundaries and limitations
  • Create a vision for your life and plan to get there
  • Identifying what’s in the way, what are you going to do about it
  • Discovering who you need to support you and help you get to where you want to go.
  • Determining a date for achievement.


Personal Coaching

Be The Person You Want To Work With

How often do you hear your co-workers complaining about their boss or another co-worker? For most of us, it’s an everyday occurrence. It’s easy to find fault in others. The truth is we all have strengths and shortcomings. What would happen if we made a mental shift and started focusing on “being the person we want to work with” instead of criticizing people in our office. Imagine how different our work-space would be if we practiced being the right person for just one week.

Let’s connect and start a conversation to create a mental shift. What is one thing you would do differently? What would you stop or start doing to be the person you want to work with?



Develop a Healthy Dose of Confidence

Do you feel insecure at all in your workplace environment? Do you feel uncomfortable when you are in a meeting with executives?  Peggy will outline how when you lack confidence; you communicate doubt and insecurity. She’ll share techniques that you can implement to push through self-doubt and build a healthy dose of confidence. 

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Discover what is holding you back from having what you want
  • Steps for overcoming insecurity and doubt
  • Ten ways you can build confidence
  • How to create a powerful inner circle and achieve what you want
Tools and Techniques for Working with Difficult People

Join Peggy for an interactive, highly applicable session where she will answer: Why do I have a hard time communicating with some people and not others? Why do some people misunderstand my intentions or vice-versa? How can I improve my work environment through effective communication? How can I partner with my manager more effectively?

Whether you are communicating down, up or across, two things are essential: you need to listen and be heard. In order to truly hear another you must understand their drivers, motives and communication styles. To take your communication to the next level, it’s not just about being heard, it’s being understood.  It’s about understanding what is being said both verbally and nonverbally.

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Identify your particular style, strengths and challenges
  • Gain a better understanding of yourself and others
  • Predict how you and others might respond in given situations
  • Improve your communication with others who have a different style than yours
  • Learn how to minimize conflict
  • The importance of flexibility and versatility
  • How to read others through non verbal communication

We work in diverse organizations and this session will give you the tools you need to work with others with greater ease and confidence.

Self-Leadership: The key to your success is to start focusing on yourself.

When was the last time you thought about what it means to manage yourself? That’s self-management, and it’s the essential pillar in your development process. Even if you don’t have a management or leadership title within your organization, you are still a self-manager and self-leader.

Self-management is the practice of understanding who you are, identifying your desired experiences, and intentionally guiding yourself toward them. It spans the determination of what we do, why we do it, and how we do it. It’s the ability to lead yourself to achieve your personal and professional goals and objectives while also helping the company or organization you work for to be successful – this is what creates a confident contribution.

During this session, Peggy will cover what it takes to become a self-leader:

Learning Highlights and Outcomes:

  • Motivation and determination
  • Constructive thought and decision making
  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Self-Leadership Model: Intention, Influence, and Impact
  • Self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Embracing failure and cultivating grit
  • Accountability and sitting in the driver’s seat of your life and career
Leveling Up from Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Assistant

This session is a dynamic and interactive session that caters to Executive Assistants who aspire to take their careers to the next level. In this training, participants will learn how to prepare for and succeed in a Chief Executive Assistant or Chief of Staff role.

The training will cover a range of topics, including how to anticipate and overcome organizational obstacles and how to build and maintain relationships with the leadership team. Participants will also learn how to let go of tasks and responsibilities that are no longer relevant to their new position and how to develop a strategic mindset to align with the organization’s objectives.

Another key aspect of this training program is teaching participants the art of telling the truth. Participants will learn how to communicate honestly and transparently, while still maintaining positive relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.


1. Value Redefined: Learn innovative approaches to add value in strategic and unconventional ways.

2. Communication Mastery: Hone communication skills crucial for higher-level leadership, fostering clarity and influence.

3. Active Contribution: Develop effective methods for proactive participation and impactful contributions in leadership settings.

4. Critical and Strategic Thinking: Acquire key strategies and actionable steps for critical and strategic thinking.

5. Decision-Driving Queries: Utilize a set of 10 targeted questions to drive clarity, enhance prioritization, and facilitate effective execution.

6. Skill Elevation: Implement six proven strategies to elevate existing skills, aligning them with advanced responsibilities.

7. Post-Meeting Excellence: Learn to conduct effective and purpose-driven follow-ups after meetings for tangible outcomes.

8. CEO and Leadership Engagement: Understand and master the art of managing relationships with the CEO and their direct reports.

9. Relationship Cultivation: Build and sustain meaningful connections with the leadership team and vital stakeholders.

10. Feedback Dynamics: Gain proficiency in delivering constructive feedback that fosters growth and progress.

11. Leadership Demonstration: Develop and showcase leadership traits and a commanding professional presence.

How to Position Yourself for a Seat at the Table

You’re IN the meeting but are you PART of the meeting? Are you tired of feeling like an observer in meetings, rather than an active contributor? Have you been told that you need to speak up in meetings and have no idea what to say? If you want to increase your impact and be seen as a valuable contributor to the team, it’s time to master your communication and leadership behaviors. In this training session, you’ll discover the key strategies for effective meeting preparation and how to project leadership. By developing these skills, you’ll earn a seat at the table and be able to be seen as a valuable contributor to the team.


1. Speaking with Impact: Acquire 4 actionable steps for effective and impactful participation in leadership team meetings.

2. Communication Proficiency: Master the art of effective communication through both voice modulation and body language.

3. Demonstrating Leadership: Learn practical methods to exhibit leadership qualities within an administrative role.

4. Defining Administrative Leadership: Define and align leadership traits within the realm of administrative responsibilities.

5. Self-Leadership Importance: Understand the three key reasons for excelling as a self-leader within an administrative capacity.

6. Embracing Failure: Gain insights into how failure acts as a catalyst for personal and professional advancement.

Note: These training sessions will integrate role-playing scenarios, interactive discussions, Q&A and practical exercises to reinforce learning and skill application in real-time scenarios

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Executive Support Professionals
Admin to AdminFlorida Association of District School SuperintendentsBlue Shield
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Kind Words From Clients

Ashley Montoya, Community Medical

I truly enjoyed the seminar this afternoon. I’m now equipped with the tools & structure that will enable me to reach my objectives & goals! Thank You so much!

Admin Pro Forum 2021 Attendee

"Peggy was inspiring & it was encouraging to hear from someone who worked their way up the ranks on the administrative side of business talk about the importance & influence that an admin professional can have."

Admin Pro Forum 2021 Attendee

"Good information and insights. I am guilty of saying I am just an Admin but will change that thinking."

Admin Pro Forum 2021 Attendee

"I really enjoy Peggy! Very true to how to get the most out of the conference and also how to approach difficult situations like "saying no"."

Cassandra Anderson, Assistant to Executive Vice President, Texas Children’s Hospital

Sharla just called & said her group really needed to be in the conference room together to hear everything you had to say. She said this morning it has made a big difference in their suite. What a blessing you are to us!

Admin Pro Forum 2021 Attendee

 "I really appreciated the insightful information from this session. I stopped saying "I'm Just An Admin" because clearly, I'm not. I'm a valuable asset to the company."

Cassandra Anderson, Assistant to Executive Vice President, Texas Children’s Hospital

Thank you, Peggy.  We are still on a high, here at Texas Children’s. Thank you again for your words of wisdom & encouragement.

Admin Pro Forum 2021 Attendee

"Peggy gave me an entirely new perspective of my job."

Delois Reeves, Administrative Assistant, Texas Children’s Hospital

I truly enjoyed it.  That was a very heartfelt testimony!

Sabrina (Bre) Johnson, Texas Children’s Hospital

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Loved Peggy’s presentation.

Ann McClarney, Texas Children’s Hospital

That was a great training session. Thanks for setting it up, you all picked a great presenter.

Admin Pro Forum 2021 Attendee

"She brought out so many unconscious thoughts & beliefs we pick up about our abilities over time. I plan to read her book "Not Just an Admin" and implement a new mindset. Tremendous thanks, Peggy!"

Lena Autin-Menard, Texas Children’s Hospital

What an awesome workshop! Thank you so much. My definition of leadership: Setting a good example that others eagerly want to imitate & doing the right thing even when it's not easy.

Admin Pro Forum 2021 Attendee

"It was a great confidence booster!"

Admin Pro Forum 2021 Attendee

 "I liked her energy, relevant information to me."

Rolan Hardley, Executive Assistant, Alcon

“I’ve gained so much from these meetings & am a better Admin as a result. My confidence in what I do & how I contribute to the company has grown exponentially.” 

Admin Pro Forum 2021 Attendee

"Well presented, organized, enthusiastic, so much valuable content covered!"

Misty Watson

"Still riding the high!"

Jill Disheroon

"So impactful. I took 3 pages of notes!"

Laurene McLaughlin

"The event was more than expected. I felt like Peggy was talking "with" us not "at" us. Awesome music selection that reflected our differences but was enjoyed by all."

Admin Pro Forum 2021 Attendee

"Really enjoyed her section. Never heard of Executive Presence (EP). She really challenged my thinking of how I view my role. Great way to start everything off."

Cheryl Barnes

"Peggy made a unique connection with our admins through a message designed to foster confidence. The audience was left with practical developmental tools. We enjoyed a fun and informative Q&A after the keynote. Peggy was a pleasure to work with!"

Jeannette Banks

"Peggy was absolutely fantastic! I think most attendees could relate & utilize some of the key points she made during her presentation. She comes with subject matter expertise & provided useful tools for personal & professional growth. Highly recommended."

Jacquie Krupa, NJAA March Boot Camp

"Peggy was born to do this! You not only learn from her but also get valuable information from the others. Very worthwhile and changed the way I perform at work..for the better!"

Admin Pro Forum 2021 Attendee

"A lot of what she said resonated with me. I always say “I’m just an admin” 

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