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2020 Goals




How’s your goal planning going?
Want some help?

You might be thinking, “Goal planning!  That ship has sailed. I’m way too late.”  Or your excitement for ALL the possibilities of the New Year have been pushed into the background by the daily grind and sense of overwhelm.  Before you let all those possibilities fade away – let’s bring those thoughts and emotions back up to the surface.

  • What do YOU want to make happen this year?
  • How do you want to make a difference?
  • What do you want to be different in your career?
  • What is that big dream inside of you that only you can make happen?

There’s only one way to make 2020 your best year yet: you’ve got to take action!  Let me guide you through two simple steps:

1.  Download the goals worksheet 
2.  This week, set aside 30 minutes of uninterrupted time and complete Parts 1-3.  If you are super duper uber busy and can only find time for 10 minutes, that works!  The point is to get started.  You can knock out Parts 1-2 in just 10 minutes!  Once you get focused and in the zone, you’ll probably complete the entire worksheet much faster than you thought you would.

2020 is about the choices you make.  You have the choice to repeat your actions, thoughts and ideas from 2019 or to evolve into a new you for 2020.  A life where you say, “This is my year, the year where I make my goals a reality!”

Take a look at your calendar and set aside 10-30 minutes to begin.  This is for you and about you.  You’ll have time to get everything you’ve ever dreamed of, thought of and talked about written down onto a worksheet, and that’s where the magic starts to happen.  That’s what will help you to let go of overwhelm and get laser focused on this year.

I believe that your life, your goals and your dreams deserve 30 minutes, don’t you?

Get started today – it’s fun, it’s simple and it’s powerful!  And it’s FREE!

You deserve to have the best 2020 and I want to help you make that happen.


Where’s Peggy Next?

Goals Worksheet 2020 Final

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