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Happy International Woman’s Day!

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Can you imagine a world where women celebrated each other openly, eagerly and often? All too often we’re like a crab in a crab pot. Fisherman have learned they don’t even need to keep a lid on the crab pot. You see if one crab starts to crawl up to the top of the crab pot, another crab quickly comes along to pull it back down right next to the other crabs. The crabs control the other crabs and make sure that not one crab gets out of the crab pot. It’s the same way for us. We’re working hard, improving ourselves, growing and striving. Trying to climb up from the bottom of the crab pot to get to that next level, but every time we do, another crab comes along and pulls us back down.

How often do you see your coworkers and especially women fighting and competing with each other and pulling each other down?

It’s no wonder that in our day to day lives and especially in the workplace, we tend to be guarded.  We’re too afraid to be open and vulnerable with each other.  We get stuck in the comparison trap and game of competition.  Which leads to the “I’m not good enough” dead-end. 

We look at another woman and without even hesitating, our subconscious mind plants questions in our head, questions like:  Is she smarter than me, prettier, more successful than me?  Does she have a higher education? A nicer home, or husband, or more successful children?  The questions swirl around and around in our mind.  

You have the power to change this mindset.  You don’t have to settle for the status quo.  You don’t have to listen to the limiting beliefs that you’ve been telling yourself.  Instead of filling your mind with doubts, you can fill it with possibilities.

All it takes is deliberate thinking and action.
What would happen if you changed your mindset? 
Are you open to the possibilities?

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You can be the woman that:

  • creates change in your work place.
  • invites others to join you.
  • celebrates other women.
  • builds an in inner circle for the purposes of lifting each other up!

I invite you to be that woman!  Let’s begin celebrating each other to create a brighter world, a better world for ourselves and for our daughters.

Here’s what I want you to do, post a positive message about a woman who has made a difference in your life. Share this message with women you want to inspire.

Use the International Women’s Day Social Media Cards to help you celebrate!


For more inspiration, check out these two powerful videos:

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