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Gearing Up For Administrative Professionals Week

As a member of the administrative assistants community, I’d like to say “Thank you”! Whether you are supporting a manager, a group, a project or a combination of all three, you’re key to the success and impact of your company. Your contributions can be directly attributed to the support you provide day in and day out. 

Can you imagine business today without administrative staff? If you’re feeling a bit skeptical on your worth, just remember the last time you took vacation and what welcomed you upon your return!

Administrative Professionals are critical to business.  We have a significant role and are incredibly positioned to influence our manager and business decisions. We are not JUST an Admin!

My vision board this year included something I’ve had on my mind for a while now – creating a shirt, to proudly display what we say all the time, “I am not JUST an Admin”

This gold foil v-neck is a great way to remind the people you work with, and yourself, the value you bring to the team. Hello casual Friday!

Available in XS-3XL, if you order by April 17th, you will receive in time for Administrative Appreciation Day!

Checking another thing off my vision board…making “Not, JUST An Admin” an ebook! This is the perfect option when you just have too much in your handbag already. Have a few minutes to kill between meetings or while you are waiting for dinner to cook? You can easily read straight from your phone or iPad. 

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 The eBook is available on iBooks, Android, Kindle and reader apps. 

For the month of April, you can bundle the shirt and ebook to save $5

Free Webinar: Creating Authentic Business Connections

April 23rd at 1pm EST
Hosted by ASAP,

this webinar highlights:

  • Body Language Do’s and Don’ts
  • Introduction Makeover
  • Conversation Starters
  • What your Handshake Reveals About You
  • How to Enter a Room
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • Gender Specifics in Protocol
  • The Power of Gratitude

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