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Developing Your Inner Circle

One of my former executives said, “No one, absolutely no one succeeds alone!”  I couldn’t agree more.  We all need each other.  You may get to a certain point on your own, but you’ll only scratch the surface of your potential. 

The whole reason my dream of becoming a published author and professional speaker is because of an inner circle.  Developing an Inner Circle is a lot like finding your true love, the only way you can create an inner circle is by allowing yourself to be vulnerable, open and letting your guard down.  You’ve got to take the risk to get the reward. 

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Let me describe for you what an inner circle is in action.  When you an inner circle, you have a group of people that are there for you, that have your back in good times and bad, during the lows and highs.  The people that support you and challenge you to move forward.  The people that will tell you the truth even when it’s difficult to hear.  The people that see your brilliance, encourage and empower you to help you be the best you that you can be.

An inner circle is a group of people that are mentoring one another.  It isn’t about a mentoring relationship where someone is better than someone else.  Quite the opposite.  Each person in your inner circle is giving and receiving, teaching and learning.  The role of in Inner circle is to share knowledge, skills, information, and perspective and to foster personal & professional growth.

“Your life can be completely different based on the people that you meet and that you allow to influence you.” 

Top Executives have an Inner Circle, they call it their board of directors.  They carefully, painstakingly choose each board member to ensure their vision will manifest into reality.  Why not follow suit and create your own Board of Directors? Carefully choose each person.  Look at every area of your life, not just your career and create your own inner circle. 

Imagine how much more successful you’d be with an inner circle. Imagine how much more relationship capital you’d have.  Imagine creating the life and career you’ve always wanted.  That’s exactly what can happen once you create your inner circle, get started today, click below to download!

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