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February 2024

Valentine’s Day is about all those you love and care about. And, Friend, you are on my list of those I care about. 

What about you? Who are the people that you care about in your life? Did you know that the people we surround ourselves with play a huge part in our happiness and success? This is why one of my 2024 goals is to strengthen my inner circle. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Joined Powerful Connections, which is a local women in business group. I attended my first networking event a few weeks ago and absolutely loved the energy of these women.
  2. Joined a coaching program with one of my favorite women speakers, Nona Jones. I’m learning loads from her and am beginning to build a connection with her and the other people in the group.

What do those risks look like?

  • Having the courage to walk up to someone you don’t know and say hello.
  • Take the time to talk with someone and see if you can create a connection, build rapport, and learn how you can help each other. 
  • Putting yourself out there on social media, all for the purpose of building connections.

Steps to Build Your Inner Circle

  1. Consider all six areas of your life: Career, Health, Lifestyle, Relationships, Spirit and Wealth.
  2. Write down the names of people you respect and admire and those you want to learn from and emulate in each of those six areas.
  3. Then, invite them to an in-person or virtual coffee or lunch. Do what fits your style and feels natural to you.
  4. Or attend a networking event, in-person or virtually, and say hello.
  5. Or meet someone on LinkedIn and strike up a conversation.

Remember that the more you focus on being your authentic self, the more the right people will be attracted to you.

10-week journey behind the cover of NOT JUST AN ADMIN
I kicked off a 10-week journey through my book, NOT JUST AN ADMIN, on the first of February. Each week, I’m sharing three takeaways for each chapter. The first chapter aired on 2/12: Respect: You’ve Got to Give It To Get It! You can watch the short video on my LinkedIn,  Instagram, or Facebook social media pages.

Article on the Power of Mindset – Learn critical steps to create a growth mindset and how your inner circle impacts success.

Elite Assistant Certification Course – My friend and fellow trainer, Lisa Olsen, is collaborating with me and Office Dynamics International to create a one-day certification course for assistants. The focus is on Leadership Mindset. I’ll provide strategies for critical thinking, relationship management, and leadership behaviors. You can check out all the details here.

Powerhouse Training for Powerhouse Assistants – I’m teaming up with Lucy BrazierAnn HiattLizebeth Koloko-Green, and Diana Brandl for this 2-day deep dive course. This is an incredible deep dive, content-led course. Each trainer will have three hours to impart their wisdom. I can’t wait to soak in all they have to offer! Learn more about this course here.

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