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August Newsletter

Do you find yourself wondering what to share at a leadership team meeting?

Last month I promised you that the August newsletter would be focused on how to communicate like an executive, including solution-based thinking and responding.  

Please keep in mind that this is a condensed version of a portion of my Executive Presence workshop. If you want the background and all details, please check the 5 Events to Say YES To in the section below.  

Far too many assistants are hesitant to speak up in a Leadership Team meeting surrounded by executives. How about you? Do you wonder what to say in a Leadership Team meeting?

You have a seat at the table for a reason, and it’s not only to set up refreshments, AV and take minutes. You are there to add value. So instead of shying away from the opportunity to speak up, consider the value you can provide. 

“Providing value is the key.” 

How to provide value in the meeting:
1.  Study the agenda. Then, take the time to prepare for the meeting, just as your executive prepares, and consider:

  • What have you observed and heard? Assistants are uniquely positioned at the center of the organization and the team. You have access to people and information that the executives do not. This is the information you should consider sharing. Don’t share the gossip and churn – share the emerging key themes.
  • What ideas do you have that could help the Leadership Team or organization?

2.  Ask strategic questions.  Asking strategic questions does three things:

  • Generates greater clarity.
  • Pulls others into the conversation. Pay close attention to body language. If you see someone disengaged, asking questions is a way to pull them back into the conversation.
  • Points the leadership team back to the overall strategy.

3.  Contribute during the roundtable. This is often the portion of the meeting that assistants shy away from and respond with “Pass” instead of speaking up. Position yourself as a contributor and part of the team. How to prepare for the roundtable:

  • Review calendars: yours and your executives to see what’s coming up.  Ask, “what needs to be on everyone’s mind or radar?”
  • Be prepared to cover whatever your executive might not, such as critical meetings and deadlines.
  • Mention meetings you are working on with key stakeholders and consider what your executive will need to be prepared for those meetings.
  • Everyone knows what isn’t working – do you have any solutions to share?
  • Think – what would help the Leadership Team or be interesting to them?

This is exactly what I did to position myself as an executive and earn my seat at the Leadership Team table.  Want to know more?  Contact Peggy directly for a 1:1 coaching session. 

Events to say YES to! 
I’m excited to share that I’ve got several public events coming up. Here are 5 to check out: 

  1. Empowering You Webinar / August 25 /  ELSX Webinar
  2. Executive Presence / September 6 / 4-Hour Virtual Masterclass, plus recording for 60 days / Executive Support Media
  3. Women in Business Conference / Keynote by Peggy:  Self Leadership:  Your Key to Success / September 21 / Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce
  4. Executive Leadership Support Forum / September 28-29 in Seattle / Opening Keynote by Peggy: Self Leadership:  Your Key to Success, plus several amazing trainers / ELS Forum
  5. Executive Support Professional Summit / October 13-14 in Camden, NJ / Keynote by Peggy: Empowering You, plus several other top-notch speakers/  Executive Support Professionals 

Want to bring Peggy (in person or virtually) directly to you? Contact Peggy to get the conversation started.

One connection can make all the difference.

Have we connected on Linked In? If not, let’s connect now! 

“A seat at the table means that you are part of a conversation.” 
~ Roxane Gay, best-selling author and
contributing opinion writer for
The New York Times 

What’s Coming:

A powerful lesson I learned this summer.

Make sure to share with your network, so they don’t miss out!

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