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April 2022 Newsletter

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

Administrative Professionals’ Day is the perfect opportunity to thank everyone who keeps the office running smoothly. Whether your title is: receptionist, assistant, administrator, coordinator, secretary, office manager, executive assistant, chief executive assistant, or something similar – I want to personally thank you for all you do to make your organization and the people or projects you support successful.

Thank you for demonstrating leadership in action.

Thank you for stepping into your greatness and taking notice of your leadership and contribution. Thank you for knowing that leadership isn’t about the title; it’s about behavior. 

Leadership can be described as: proactive communication, leading by example, being respectful and supportive, demonstrating high emotional intelligence, being a problem solver, and exhibiting flexibility and adaptability. 

Administrative professionals exhibit leadership behaviors all the time!

Thank you for being flexible and adaptable.

Before 2020, many administrative professionals didn’t have the opportunity to work from home, yet learned how to navigate WFH overnight and, in most cases, without training. You became the Teams, Zoom, and Skype gurus and were asked to train other staff on these remote platforms. Your organization kept moving forward because of your ability to adapt. Your ability to embrace technology is outstanding.

Thank you for eliminating the word “just” from your vocabulary.

If a manager asks you to do something that you haven’t done before, it’s because your manager believes you can do it. Instead of responding with, “I’m just an admin”; thank them by saying: “I haven’t done that before, but I’m happy to take it on.”  And then, figure it out by either asking a mentor for help or searching for what you needed to learn on Google or YouTube.

Thank you for confidently responding proudly to “What do you do?” by sharing your job title, or a phrase indicating your professional expertise – instead of responding with “I’m just an admin.”  Thank you for knowing that you are a vital player in the workplace and that your role is essential, just like everyone else’s in the company. 

Thank you for shifting your mindset and choosing your words carefully.

Thank you for not discounting and downplaying what you do. Thank you for considering all the skills and business knowledge you bring and knowing you deserve a seat at the table. Thank you for speaking up and sharing your unique perspective and point of view. 

For all of these things and more, I thank and celebrate YOU

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day from a former chief executive assistant, who has nothing but appreciation and respect for all you do!

As a special ADP gift, we’ve created three offers during the week of April 25-29.

1.  2 FREE Chapters of Peggy’s best-selling book, Not Just an Admin. The chapters focus on what every admin desires: Respect and Partnering.  Click here to download:   

2.  Receive 75% off “Harnessing the Power of a Positive Mindset” (Value $49.99)
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3.  30% off all NOT JUST AN ADMIN Swag! 
Treat yourself or your coworkers to something that speaks boldly about your profession and inspires you too.  This offer is valid April 18-28.
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Social Media Update

Is multi-tasking effective or even possible?
Have you been praised for multi-tasking? 
Should you be?
Click here to join the conversation! 

Announcing an interactive workshop celebrating YOU!

Empowering You Through Goals

Your goals should be about you, your manager, and your community. 

May 17th, 12 pm PDT

  • 45 minutes followed by personalized Q&A
  • Goal Worksheet included
  • Recording included
  • $44 (VIP- 50% off)

Register Here

“You have the power to make a difference.”

Catch an admin doing something good! Then send the admin’s manager an email noting the positive action or post a “kudo” message on LinkedIn.  This is one way we can lift our entire profession. When a manager sees the administrative professional team united, it increases the respect and credibility for all.

What’s Coming:

  • The May Newsletter will include details about the May 17th “Empowering You Through Goals” workshop and highlights on the V.I.P. program.
  • The June Newsletter will include a summary and tips from the May 17th workshop.

Make sure to share with your network, so they don’t miss out!

Looking for an engaging speaker? Click here to contact Peggy.

Empowering You,


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