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March 2022 Newsletter

Empowering You on 2/22/22 was a Success!

  • 50% said it exceeded their expectations
  • 75% felt connected
  • 50% signed up for Part 2!

2/22/2022 was Standing Room Only!

Part 1 was scheduled for 45 minutes followed by personalized Q&A…and guess what? Those that were able to stay had an engaging and interactive conversation for another 1/2 hour! If you were a part of this kick-off, you were gifted a surprise announcement at the end! If you were unable to attend, the recording is available for purchase – check out our Empowerment Shop.

For now, here are 3 tips that you can implement NOW:

  1. Use a mind map method to discover what you want to start doing, stop doing and continue doing. Then create your goals based on that brainstorming information.
  2. Design a life based on how you want to feel by blending your goals with how you want to feel.
  3. The key to success is: Try, Fail, Learn, Repeat.

Social Media Update

We asked. You answered. We reacted. How?

Did you know that we offer empowering tips weekly?

  • Sunday = Inspirational Thoughts
  • Monday = Window into Peggy’s Work Experience
  • Tuesday & Thursday = Peggy’s Latest Offers
  • Wednesday = Admin Tips
  • Friday = Fun Vibe
  • Saturday = What’s Peggy Up To

Kindle News

The 2nd reprint in October 2021 is still on the Top 10 Amazon list.
P.S. If you are an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscriber, this is FREE!


Your goals should be about you, your manager, and your community.

Here’s four goal questions to consider:

  • What can you do to increase your support to your manager(s), team, or project?
  • What skill do you need to learn to take your career to the next level? If you’re not sure, review your past annual review or ask your manager, your manager’s direct reports, and peers for feedback.
  • How can you help others grow in the administrative community at your organization? Mentoring others will always raise your game and provide you joy.
  • How can you measure what you do that impacts your manager’s goals? And, yes, that means you need a copy of their goals!

The Goal Worksheet will be available for the May “Empowering You thru Goals” attendees.

“No is the foundation that we can build our yes on.”
~Seth Godin

Realizing your dreams means learning to say no things that aren’t your top priority.  Whatever you say yes to, takes up your time.  Saying no to some things, means you are making room for the thing you really want.

What’s Coming

The April Newsletter will include a tribute to Administrative Professionals with a thank you gift and special offers. 

Make sure to share with your network so they don’t miss out!

Are you looking for a speaker for 2022? Complete the Speaker Request Form to talk with Peggy about possibilities.

Empowering You,

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