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Becoming a Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker, my emotions range from feeling overjoyed to experiencing emotional, mental and physical fatigue.

First the Positive

I am driven by the desire to empower and  make a positive difference in the life of others.  Several people approached immediately following my last keynote. 

  • A beautiful woman approached me with tears flowing down her cheeks.  She expressed gratitude for my message and confessed she has always wanted to be a writer.    
  • A young woman filled with enthusiasm and thankfulness  thanked me for my keynote.  She said, “I was meant to be here to hear your message!  I have dreamed of being a speaker since she was 8 years old!” 
  • Another confident woman asked how to lead a team that just doesn’t get it and isn’t stepping up!  

As a result of my keynote I have made connections with each of these women and now have the honor to provide coaching to help them realize their dreams.

These moments of pure clarity of purpose create the driving force pushing me to overcome my challenges and fears.  This is why I continue to pursue my calling, as a keynote speaker, knowing that I have a powerful message to deliver.

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Peggy Vasquez, Keynote, “Keeping the Pedal to the Metal With a Changing Pit Crew” at the 24th Annual Administrative Conference of Excellence hosted by Office Dynamics International

On the Flip Side

After the keynote is over and the interaction with attendees has come to an end, there’s a diminished emotion.  While traveling home you begin to reflect on your keynote.  You ask yourself,

“Was it good enough?  Did it hit the mark?”

You start to remember what didn’t go as well as you had intended.  You ask for feedback to learn how to improve your keynote. You’re grateful for the feedback, yet your fatigued state causes you to feel a little bummed out.  The questions continue to circle around in your mind searching for the answer.  You have a brainstorming session with your inner circle and get into a creative space.  You now know exactly what to tweak to create an even more powerful keynote for the next time. 

The Truth

You are good enough or you wouldn’t have been asked to speak in the first place!  There isn’t a conference planner, Human Resource Director or business owner out there that would risk putting a speaker on stage if they didn’t have confidence and reassurance in you!  The truth is you made a difference!  If you are in doubt, take a moment to reflect on the people who came up to you immediately following your keynote.  They poured their hearts out to you and trusted you with their dreams and fears.

The truth is your “off day” as a keynote speaker, is more powerful than you realize.  You are human and perfectly imperfect just like the rest of us.  Your imperfection gives others hope.  Your worst day is still better than those who aren’t willing to take the risk and go after their dreams. 

Keep on believing, keep on dreaming and keep on making a difference!  

Interested in becoming a keynote speaker?  Contact me, I can help you realize your dreams:

Your speaker friend and coach.


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