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Teamwork The Magic in Your Game

The spirit of the Superbowl reminds me of the magic that a team can have when there is teamwork involved. A team that truly functions as a team has the winning edge and enjoys the game. Its beautiful when you see a team player assisting another team member with the play of the season, or offering a helping hand to pull them back into the game or giving them the pat on the back and the high five to celebrate their accomplishment. Winning teams know that together they are more successful than they will ever be alone. The strength that comes from a group of people working toward the same goal is a powerful force and is almost impossible to detour. Its an honor to have the experience of teamwork and a privilege to be called a team mate.

I’ve had the incredible experience of working with such a team and am so thankful to each one of them for all they have taught me and continue to teach me. We are quite diverse and yet our experiences, goals and passions tie us together. Our diversity and uniqueness make us stronger and create a richer outcome.
We all have many teams in our lives. We have teams at work, at home and in our community. Each one of us can be the team member that we are looking for in others. We can be the one that lifts others up when they need a bolt of support. We can be the one to celebrate another team member and know that there is room for all of us to succeed. We can be the one to empower others by sharing our knowledge and opportunities. We can be the one to bridge the gap and find the solution so another team member can meet their goals, assigned tasks and obligations. We can be the one to assist our team to a new level of success. Imagine how much more you would enjoy spending time with your team if we all contributed to our team in this way . . . all it takes is one person to change the game.

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