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June 2022 Newsletter

Become a PV-VIP!

You are Not Just an Admin.  You ARE an administrative professional – a trusted confident, holder of the secrets, a leader, and a person of influence!  Those that have been a part of my mission to be empowered are also my VIPs!!

So, what does being a PV-VIP mean?
How do I become a PV-VIP?

In exchange for being a subscriber, participating in various programs annually, connecting on social media, and responding to unique feedback surveys on occasion, you will earn early communications about upcoming announcements.  It is the answer to FOMO.  For example, the Swag sale noted below started in May.  VIPs received an early notice and avoided items being SOLD OUT.  Future sales would offer a higher percentage discount than offered to non PV-VIPs.

So, how do you know if you are a PV-VIP?  It’s automatic.  It’s an annual label added to our subscribers after attending TWO (2) programs and engaging with my hashtags (see below).  So, follow me on social media, share my posts, and hashtag away!

Still have questions?  Email me at

The raffle winner from the May newsletter is……Sheila Brown! 

Sheila said:  “I have never had an issue with doing things that are not part of my job description – in fact, it’s the other duties as required that always interests me most –  UNLESS it is assumed that I would do something because it was beneath the other people.  What do I mean by that?  The assumption I would get everyone coffee because I was the only female in the room.  The assumption I will clean up after a meeting because I am an administrative person, when I was a participant in the meeting, it was an internal meeting, and everyone is capable of cleaning up after themselves.  I may not be a CPA or engineer, but I am a professional and deserve to be given the same consideration as any other professional.”

Congratulations Sheila! You will be receiving a beautiful gold and white mousepad. 

Let’s Connect!

Did you know that the first # is credited as a Twitter post in 2007 that was sold last year for $2.9M. Proceeds were donated to Girls Who Code. Here are some of the tags you will find on my posts:

#empoweringyou #empoweringyouthroughgoals #empoweringyouin2022 #virtualworkshop #virtualspeaker #empowermentcoach #keynotespeaker #notjustanadmin

Have we connected on Linked In? If not, let’s connect now!

Empowering You Through Goals Recap

I had the pleasure of hosting the “Empowering You Through Goals” workshop on May 17th with an amazing group of administrative professionals and a few special guests.

I could see their faces light up at several “aha” moments throughout the workshop. I love giving my attendees more than what they asked for or expected and, that’s what the feedback surveys said!

So, here is a brief summary of what we covered and what you can be a part of by listening to the recording:
1. Identifying your manager’s key goals
2. The importance of how to apply personal metrics for your own goals.
3. How to ask your manager, your manager’s direct reports, and peers for input.
4. How to establish KPIs.

And, there were three bonus items added:

  • Goal categories and examples for administrative professionals
  • Objective examples and how to use these to help your goals stick
  • How to incorporate your calendar into the goals and objective process

During the Q&A, there were some powerful questions. These resonated with me.  Do they resonate with you?

“I just started working with a CEO, and she’s never had an EA before.
How do we create the relationship to work together effectively?”

“How can I visualize the goals process to simplify it in my mind?”

“What do I say to an executive when they seem upset?”

This workshop is available for purchase.
Price includes recording and workbook. 
$44/ VIPs get 50% off 

Click here

Want to see everything I have to offer?
My website has past newsletters, other on-demand webinars, and more!

Awesome session Peggy Vasquez!!
You provided great tips and I’m working on my goals NOW!
Can’t wait till your next event 😎”

Debi Richards, EA & OM
Boulder, CO
May 2022

What’s Coming

What’s Coming:

  • Sharing my goals and progression in writing my new book
  • Tips on overcoming limiting beliefs

Make sure to share with your network, so they don’t miss out!

Looking for an engaging speaker? Click here to contact Peggy.

Empowering You,


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