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Peggy’s Podcast

Push Play For Positivity

Kind Words From Clients

Rolan Hardley, Executive Assistant, Alcon

“I’ve gained so much from these meetings & am a better Admin as a result. My confidence in what I do & how I contribute to the company has grown exponentially.” 

Misty Watson

"Still riding the high!"

Jill Disheroon

"So impactful. I took 3 pages of notes!"

Laurene McLaughlin

"The event was more than expected. I felt like Peggy was talking "with" us not "at" us. Awesome music selection that reflected our differences but was enjoyed by all."

Cheryl Barnes

"Peggy made a unique connection with our admins through a message designed to foster confidence. The audience was left with practical developmental tools. We enjoyed a fun and informative Q&A after the keynote. Peggy was a pleasure to work with!"

Jeannette Banks

"Peggy was absolutely fantastic! I think most attendees could relate & utilize some of the key points she made during her presentation. She comes with subject matter expertise & provided useful tools for personal & professional growth. Highly recommended."

Jacquie Krupa, NJAA March Boot Camp

"Peggy was born to do this! You not only learn from her but also get valuable information from the others. Very worthwhile and changed the way I perform at work..for the better!"

Michelle Kovacs, Sr. Exec. Assistant, March NJAA Boot Camp

"Absolutely worth the investment. Networking with other admin professionals & creating lasting relationships is invaluable. I truly appreciated Peggy pushing me outside of my comfort zone; that is where I benefited the most!"

Lara Watkins, Director of Convention Sales, Visit Tri Cities

"Peggy is a gifted speaker, true professional & a class act. Peggy has a natural ability to connect with an audience, even in a virtual environment. I would highly recommend Peggy to any organization seeking a motivational or inspirational speaker for their event."

Dani Jensen, Administrative Assistant

"Thank you for taking the time to join our book club last week. It was so special to have you share your thoughts & answer our questions. You have a special gift for connecting with others, I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet you."

Nicky Christmas, Practically Perfect PA

"Peggy is a wonderful speaker, coach and trainer. Her warmth and generosity really shine through when she presents, and our attendees loved her session. I would highly recommend Peggy for future events."

Kellie Stegath, Administrative Assistant

"I listened to the recording this morning & it was SO great. I really connected with many things you shared & the answers you provided to the questions at the end were very inspiring. Well done!"

Katherine Margard, Executive Assistant

"You are helping me to define my WHY, before I get to the WHAT & HOW of the goal setting process. Thank you for that light bulb moment. I’m still really pumped from the time I spent yesterday working on this & can’t wait for session #3."

Madeline Carter, Morning News Anchor, NBC Right Now

"I feel a renewed sense of purpose after participating in Peggy's first course. Her interactive presentation helped me visualize my dreams & the direction I want my life to go in 2021. I'm grateful for Peggy's guidance as I seek to actualize my greatest potential."

Julie M. Lindstrom, PHR, SHRM-CP, Mission Support Alliance, LLC

"Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Ms. Vasquez for any speaking engagement as any organization, employee or person would benefit from her positive energy & expertise. If you want to inspire the best in your employees, or even yourself, connect with the best."

Cory Colton, Executive Director, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

"I would recommend Peggy as a motivational speaker for admin professionals. Her workshop & positive responses from participants sparked momentum to begin a professional development series for admin professionals at Vanderbilt University Medical Center."

Mary E. Scanlon, Executive Specialist, American Modern

"I was extremely pleased with Peggy's presentation and how she hit directly on the points I requested. It was obvious that Peggy listened to me when discussing the objective for our group and about our company. I would highly recommend Peggy as a speaker and motivator."

Lori Mattson, IOM, President/CEO Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce

"Peggy Vasquez ranks among the best speakers we have had at the Tri-Cities Women In Business Conference, now in it's eighth year. She is a dynamic and powerful speaker and brings incredible energy to the stage."

Baker Boyer Women’s Empowerment Event

"We have to remember that we all matter. Peggy discussed the importance of defining your own success because our own success is so unique to each and every one of us."

Baker Boyer Women’s Empowerment Event

"Peggy worked with our company to put on an amazing presentation. She was easy to work with and our clients can't stop talking about how inspirational she is!"

Baker Boyer Women’s Empowerment Event

"We all need a person like Peggy in our lives to remind us of the importance of being kind to one another and lifting each other up."

Baker Boyer Women’s Empowerment Event

"Peggy's energy really lights up a room. She gets you thinking about how to instill positivity in your life and how we can encourage those around us to do the same."

Dani Jensen- Idaho National Library

"Thank you for taking the time to join our book club last week. It was so special to have you share your thoughts and answer our questions. You radiate such beauty, enthusiasm, and positivity when you speak and write. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet you."

Linda Perez-Aguilar

"I had a great time at the Admin Professional luncheon. We had an excellent speaker! I was captivated by the involvement Peggy Vasquez brought out in all of us."

Wendy Foth

"Peggy was very engaging. When the group wasn't involved, the content she presented was interesting, informative and helpful. The last day was great. (Not that it wasn't all good, but I got a lot out of the last day)."- Attended NJAA Boot Camp

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