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NOT, Just An Admin!


Program Overview

“NOT, Just and Admin!” is a 4-part comprehensive training and development program for administrative professionals. Whether your title is Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Business Support Professional, or if you are in the administrative support profession, this training is for you. This training and development program is highly interactive, engaged, fun and safe for all attendees. It is divided into 4 levels of learning all designed to help you, the administrative assistant be successful. This program goes beyond the basic technical skills and focuses on you as an individual and professional. Each level builds on the next with accountability designed into the program. Ideally, all administrative professionals from your organization will go through this training and development program as it would create an administrative community of mentors, accountability partners, culture and inspire each other to share knowledge, information, and resources to create success for all. However, you can also attend as an individual and be the first to adopt these practices and serve as a role model to your coworkers and organization.

Ideally, the group size will be 15-20 attendees for virtual sessions and 25-50 attendees for in-person training.  This size facilitates the opportunity to:

  • address challenges in a safe environment,
  • focus on real-life situations and challenges,
  • create solutions and next steps to move forward,
  • and sharing of best practices, suggestions, powerful insights and moments of discovery along the way.

High Level Session Descriptions

Each session is available in a virtual learning environment or as an in-person session. Sessions held in a virtual learning environment are 4 hours per session. In-person training is typically 6 hours per session.

Session 1: Deep dive into SMART Goals by discovering what you want and how you want to feel
Session 2: Unleash your inner leader
Session 3: How to create a mindset for success
Session 4: Discover how to work with anyone

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Bootcamp training includes:

  • Includes a copy of Peggy’s Book:  “NOT, Just An Admin” ($24.95 value)
  • 16+ hours of personal instruction by Peggy Vasquez
  • Personalized coaching and feedback
  • Group networking, connection, and discussion
  • Accountability partners ongoing throughout boot camp and afterwards
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • An opportunity to move past thinking you are JUST an Admin and into knowing your value

Individual investment is $497 and corporate pricing is available.


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