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Labor Day 2020

Happy Labor Day!  Today is all about celebrating your contributions.  I’m curious, what’s your greatest professional contribution to date?  Feel free to come up with more than one answer.  While you ponder that question, here’s my answer:

To follow my dream of becoming an author.  It seemed like a huge daunting task and a lofty goal that wasn’t possible.  That is until I got busy working instead of dreaming.  You can’t wish something into existence; you need a methodology, a plan, and you’ve got to put in the work to make your dreams a reality.  

I have another question for you.  Is your work a labor of love?

Before becoming a fulltime entrepreneur, there were days that I loved my job and days that I didn’t.  Sound familiar?  I always loved helping people, but I didn’t love some of the tasks that went along with my job.  So I got creative and learned how to incorporate more of the stuff that I loved into my career, and I found ways to make the monotonous tasks more fun by turning it into a race against the clock.  

Want help figuring out how to put more love into your job or making your dreams a reality?  I’d love to work with you.  I’ve got a proven methodology that, when combined with hard work, will give you the framework for success.  

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