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June 2024

I’m feeling it, too – that mid-year slump that creeps in just when we thought we had everything under control. It’s June, and maybe you’re looking back at the goals you set in January and feeling a little deflated. Maybe you had big dreams, and now, the day-to-day grind has made them feel distant and unreachable. Believe me, I get it.
Life is full of distractions: new projects, positions, and teams, not to mention family visits, social events, and, last but not least, new episodes of our favorite shows. All these can easily pull us away from what we set out to achieve. It’s easy to lose focus, and once we do, it’s even easier to feel like we’re failing.

What’s not okay is letting it stop you. The real challenge is not the distractions themselves but how we respond to them. We need to find a way to reconnect with our goals, to reignite that spark that got us started in the first place.

I want to share a bit of my own story to show that you’re not alone in this struggle. We all face challenges on the journey. By March, I had lost 15 pounds and was on track with all my goals. My three goals are to live a healthy lifestyle, organize my business systems, and build a powerful inner circle. The first quarter went great. I was thriving. I was seeing results. The plan was working because I was working the plan!

But then, life happened. My mom went into the hospital for unexpected surgery in March (thankfully, she fully recovered and is doing well), and shortly after, we went on a cruise. The cruise was full of luxury and indulgence. Although I managed to stick to most of my goals during the trip, the allure of excess lingered upon our return, causing a setback in my momentum. Moreover, a flurry of social and family obligations further derailed my focus from my weekly plan. At least that’s the excuse I told myself.  The reality is that I found myself choosing these over staying focused on my weekly plan.

1. Schedule Time for Reflection and Rediscover Your “Why”
Take a moment to step back and reflect on why you set your goals in the first place. What was the driving force behind them?

  • Quiet Space: Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Reflect: Think about the excitement and passion you felt in January. What was the vision that inspired you?
  • Journal: Write down your thoughts and feelings. What are the core reasons behind your goals? What do they mean to you personally?
  • Discuss: Reach out to your coach, mentor or someone you trust to talk about your goals and how you’re feeling.

2. Break Down Goals into Weekly Actions
Sometimes, the enormity of our goals can feel overwhelming. Breaking them down into smaller, manageable actions can make them feel more achievable.

  • Weekly Plan: Look at your goals and break them down into bite-sized tasks. What’s one thing you can you do this week to move closer to your goal?
  • Track Progress: Keep a journal or use a planner, such as my Roadmap to Empowering You to track your progress. Seeing small wins add up can be incredibly motivating.  

3. Get an Accountability Partner
Having someone to share your journey with can provide the encouragement and accountability you need to stay on track.

  • Choose Wisely: Pick someone who supports your goals and will encourage you, whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague, mentor or a coach.
  • Regular Check-Ins: Schedule regular check-ins to discuss your progress, challenges, and victories. This could be a weekly call or meeting.
  • Mutual Support: If possible, be an accountability partner for them too. Supporting each other can strengthen your commitment and create a positive cycle of encouragement.

A common mistake people make when trying to achieve their goals is taking on too much and only focusing on the end result.

Here’s what I encourage you to try instead: start small. Choose three goals to focus on. Revisit the goals you set in January and determine what needs to be done by when to achieve them by the end of the year. Ask yourself, “What’s one action I can take each week to make progress toward my goal?” Whatever that action is, put it on your calendar each week. Do this for the entire year so you’ll have a weekly reminder of where you’re headed. The key is one thing each week for each of your three goals.

When we take on too much, we become overwhelmed, which leads to stagnation, inaction, and stress. Instead of falling into that trap, focus on your weekly actions and celebrate your progress. No matter how big or small the progress is- celebrate! When you celebrate, you create momentum. Think of it this way: let’s say you want to lose weight. All week long, you choose to eat healthy and move your body. You chose the actions to get you closer to the goal- that’s a win. Make a list of all the ways you can celebrate your wins. Maybe it’s the scheduling of a healthy lunch with a friend or watching one hour of your favorite series. Notice the small wins because they build up to the big victories.

And most importantly, be kind to yourself. Progress isn’t always linear, and setbacks are part of the journey- the journey is just as important as the destination. Keep pushing forward, stay focused, and celebrate every step along the way.

Here’s a link to my full “Getting Back on Track” cheat sheet to help you.

Remember- it’s all about progress, not perfection.

By taking these steps, you’ll find that the inspiration and motivation you had in January can not only be rekindled but also sustained throughout the rest of the year. You’ve got this! Let’s make the rest of this year your best yet.

Understanding your “why” is essential for living a happier and more successful life. Your “why” serves as your guide for decisions, actions, and priorities. When you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, it brings clarity, purpose, and direction to your life. Your “why” is what motivates you, keeps you focused during challenging times, and gives you the resilience to overcome obstacles. By identifying your “why”, you can align your actions with your values and aspirations, leading to greater fulfillment, satisfaction, and success in both your personal and professional life. It’s not just about achieving your goals; it’s about living a life that is meaningful and purpose-driven.

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