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Cory Colton, Executive Director, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

“I would recommend Peggy as a motivational speaker for admin professionals. Her workshop & positive responses from participants sparked momentum to begin a professional development series for admin professionals at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.”

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Dani Jensen, Administrative Assistant

"Thank you for taking the time to join our book club last week. It was so special to have you share your thoughts & answer our questions. You...

Nicky Christmas, Practically Perfect PA

"Peggy is a wonderful speaker, coach and trainer. Her warmth and generosity really shine through when she presents, and our attendees loved her...

Kellie Stegath, Administrative Assistant

"I listened to the recording this morning & it was SO great. I really connected with many things you shared & the answers you provided to...

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Madeline Carter, Morning News Anchor, NBC Right Now

"I feel a renewed sense of purpose after participating in Peggy's first course. Her interactive presentation helped me visualize my dreams & the...

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