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How To Create A Healthy Headspace

How To Create A Healthy Headspace

My local TV Station asked to interview me on “Creating a Healthy Headspace.”  My first thought was to decline that baby fast!  I mean c’mon I’m dealing with a whole lot of you know what right now.  Who am I to act like...
2020 Goals

2020 Goals

2020 IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR I MAKE MY GOALS A REALITY   How’s your goal planning going? Want some help? You might be thinking, “Goal planning!  That ship has sailed. I’m way too late.”  Or your excitement for ALL the possibilities of the...
Developing Your Inner Circle

Developing Your Inner Circle

One of my former executives said, “No one, absolutely no one succeeds alone!”  I couldn’t agree more.  We all need each other.  You may get to a certain point on your own, but you’ll only scratch the surface of your potential.  The whole reason...
Making Your Own Opportunities

Making Your Own Opportunities

If you are waiting for someone to drop an opportunity at your door step or if you are waiting for your manager to create an opportunity for you, you’ll likely be waiting a long, long time.  Why wait?  You can achieve your dreams and make your goals a reality by...

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