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Mean Girl No More

This book will teach you how to deal with and stop dishing out mean girl behavior. You’ll discover that we as women have the power to make this shift from sabotage to supportive relationships. You’ll learn powerful strategies to navigate through challenging situations. Mean Girl No More includes real life stories of women who were brave enough to share their mean girl experiences—for the purposes of creating a shift among women. Learn powerful tools to come together as women and discover what it means to lift each other up. This world is big enough for all of us to be successful and when we learn to come together as women, we can become more powerful than we could have ever become on our own—stronger—and kinder–than we imagined.

There are some women who want so badly to inspire you. Then there are women who are so inspirational that you want it just as badly for yourself.

Annette Heffelfinger

Director of Administration

Not, “JUST An Admin!” 

This is a valuable handbook for anyone in the administrative or secretarial professions. It is rare for us to find information that can make a difference both in our professional careers and personal relationships in one easy-to-read book. Filled with thoughtful questions and answers, this book leads the readers on an exciting and well laid out journey to understanding what it takes to support their executive while rising to the top and reaching their career goals.

This is a great book to get a solid foundation for practices to launch a successful administrative career. Very well articulated. Would recommend for all stages of an administrative career.

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