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Newsletters and Events


June 2024

I’m feeling it, too – that mid-year slump that creeps in just when we thought we had everything...

May 2024

As I sit down to reflect on the whirlwind of activities that was April, I catch myself in the...

April 2024

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! Thank you for all you do as an administrative...

March 2024

Can you feel it in the air? Spring is peeking around the corner, and we're so excited! Who isn't...

February 2024

Valentine's Day is about all those you love and care about. And, Friend, you are on my list of...

January 2024

Happy New Year! Are you feeling the pressure of a New Year- New You, and New Year's resolutions?...

December 2023

As the year draws to a close, I want to express profound gratitude for the incredible journey...

November 2023

Let me take you on a journey—a narrative that mirrors the intricate dance between time, choices,...

October 2023

Inspirational Message from Peggy Most of us want to make changes overnight, yet change doesn’t...

September 2023

Let's dive into a recent customer service experience that left me scratching my head. This tale...


Multitasking Myths and Realities: Separating Fact from Fiction

We often hear the importance of juggling tasks at once. But let's face the facts here; research...

Leadership & Training

Nurture Confidence – Conquer Doubt Virtual Training Event

There is a way to move past doubt and insecurity. When you want to feel confident, you want to...

I’m still here and doing my life’s work

I care about you.  You are part of my community because you likely saw me speak, read one of...

Nominate an Admin for “Handling Crisis Brilliantly” Award

Do you know an administrative assistant that is handling the chaos of COVID-19 brilliantly?  The...

Gearing Up For Administrative Professionals Week

As a member of the administrative assistants community, I’d like to say “Thank you”! Whether you...

Happy International Woman’s Day!

Can you imagine a world where women celebrated each other openly, eagerly and often? All too often...

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