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Not Just an Admin – Discover the Respect, Value and Power of the Administrative Profession


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    This is a valuable handbook for anyone wanting to succeed. It is rare to find information that can make a difference both in our professional careers and personal relationships in one easy to-read book. Filled with thoughtful questions and answers, this book leads the readers on an exciting and well laid out journey to understanding what it takes to achieve the success they desire.

    Not Just An Admin: There are many how-to and self-help books that tell you they can help you achieve success. You may have read many of them in an effort to improve the quality of your life and still feel there is more. This book is a personal journey with the author into self-discovery, self-respect, and self-confidence. Experience is a wise teacher.

    NanRussell“Peggy Vasquez’s personal mission statement, ‘I empower others to succeed’ says it all. That’s what her book does. It empowers you, whether you’re an administrative assistant starting out or a senior executive assistant leading and mentoring others, to make a bigger difference through your work. Her practical tips and real-world wisdom will help you see the importance of your role with new eyes while offering immediately applicable insights to facilitate your way. This book is a must read for administrative professionals wanting to succeed. As a former executive of a multibillion dollar company who couldn’t have done my job as well without exceptional executive assistants to support me and my work, Not Just an Admin! gets a big thumbs up from me.”

    Nan S. Russell, Author of The Titleless Leader; former Vice President, QVC


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